Pateo Management Consulting

We focus on helping small to medium sized technical product businesses become more successful by solving Specific R&D Challenges and by leading development of New Product Propositions.
We work with you to develop unique solutions for your unique challenges.

Pateo Services:

Catalyzing resolution of New Product Development and R&D challenges.
Developing Product Propositions.
Resolving leadership, technical, new product strategy, schedule, efficiency, working relationship, cross-functional issues.
Turning around impossible situations in product development programs.
Program Management guidance.
Examples of challenges we have resolved - including how we helped a company grow sales by 700% in two weeks.
Why we can probably resolve your challenge.

Our Approach:

We apply creative, highly developed communication-based leadership, management and problem solving methods that are independent of specific market, technology or business knowledge - in combination with:
  1. Extensive, varied R&D leadership, management, technical, process, project management experience developed in large and small businesses in a range of high-tech areas on three continents.
  2. Experience of developing and implementing successful product and technology strategies in a variety of technical-market situations.
  3. A determined drive toward attainment of business objectives, accurate schedule prediction, and measurement of risk through use a practical, well proven, product development methodology.
  4. Exploiting the independence and creative freedoms available to a consultant. Why use a consultant ? Other FAQ's.
  5. The personal excitement and enjoyment we derive from pursuing and finding problem solutions by using our communications skills - as discussed on this website.


Product Proposition Development: Product Propositions describe everything about a new product development - see Product Propositions for a full discussion. We can develop a specific New Product Proposition or guide development of a successful product proposition
Issue/Challenge Resolution: We provide on-site, practical, hands-on R&D leadership-management skills to assist, guide, mentor, impel, lead people across your business to:
  1. resolve product development challenges - see examples of challenge scenarios scenarios we can resolve.
  2. strategize-define new products (e.g. to match affordable/available resource to market opportunity; identify new technology to meet market demands).
  3. plan-lead-manage product developments on accurately predicted schedules with measured, communicated risk.
Management Consulting: Improving R&D productivity by introducing enhanced communication, leadership and management methods. We provide practical, creative, independent consulting on critical communication, leadership, management, business and technical approaches and issues to assist and guide Executive and R&D management in the improvement of R&D efficiency. How do we deliver our services ?
Program Management: We can provide guidance covering all aspects of successful Program Management, including product development leadership-management, project management and introduction to production (NPI) and market.


Breadth of experience plus a focus on communication enables us to rapidly get results with minimal need to acquire specific knowledge of your business, technology or market.
Technical Experience developed in defining, architecting and/or developing (scheduling and delivering to market) some fifteen products-systems with varying mixes of software, hardware, dsp, mechanical, image processing, design process-CAD technology for the following technical and market domains:
  • Chip Development - DSP, processor, digital, memory, software-hdl design methodology - for Telecom and PC markets
  • Chip Development for standard product chip markets
  • Chip Development Systems for high complexity digital chips
  • Telecom Product Systems Architecture Contributions
  • Hardware Development for high volume Personal Computer
  • Hardware, embedded software, application software for high volume PC board markets
  • Development of an Image Processing System Architecture for an industrial automation market
  • Development of a Technology and Product Architecture for a cellular phone/RF coverage extension system
  • Development of High Power Electric Vehicle Controllers
Program Management-Project-Development Process Experience Overview:
  • Cross-Functional Product Development and Leadership
  • Project Methodology Definition-Evolution
  • Development Tool Selection-Acquisition
  • Product Technology Selection-Evolution-Projection
  • New Product Identification and Roadmap Development
  • Competitive Product-Market Analysis
  • Product Definition-Planning-Architecture
  • Product Cost Evaluation-Control-Projection
  • Competitive Product Cost and Technology Evaluation-Projection
  • Project Planning-Resourcing-Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Project Schedule Development
  • Project Risk Evaluation
  • Project Risk Management
  • Team and Engineer Motivation
  • International Team Management/Leadership
  • Intra-Team and Concurrent Process Management
  • Program Management
  • R&D Efficiency Improvement
  • R&D Progress Evaluation and Reporting
  • Intra-Business Function Communication
  • R&D Business Process Development
  • Customer Facing Tasks - Supporting Sales
Experience of Market-Driven Creation of New Products encompassing various aspects of product line diversification, product proposition development, new product definition and related market analysis/research for a number of markets - Intellectual Property, ASIC and Standard IC, Telecom, PC, Industrial Automation, Electric Motor/Vehicle Controller. We have experience in a wide variety of businesses on three continents, across the size spectrum from multi-$B global companies to $3m niche market businesses.

Service Delivery:

Methodology: Focussed exclusively on the challenge, we work intensively with your people - holding intensive rounds of carefully focussed discussions with individuals and groups - to turn their existing, on-hand, information into the knowledge that solves the challenge whilst selectively introducing new information to manage risk and restrain 'wild goose chases'. We continually seek to exploit the view that 'necessity is the mother of invention' by carefully defining the necessity ('the bounds of the box' defined by your business's objectives, resources, market) to encourage practical, relevant innovation and creativity. More on our methodology.

Example Services:


To explore finding a solution to a current issue or discuss something mentioned here call Andrew Herrington - (519) 635-5308.

Pateo Management Consulting

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Our Name:
"Pateo" is intended to be an allusion to our focus on developing clear communication in discussion, discussion being considered to be amongst the most creative things people do.
From Latin:
Pateo: To be revealed, to stand open, to be clear, plain.
Pateo: To lie open, be exposed to anything. In general to be open, free, allowable, accessible, attainable.
Of the hearing, etc., to be open, ready to hear. To be clear, plain, well known, evident, manifest.